TPL Lighting Expands Its Project Management and Operations Division by Hiring Tersia Prins

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TPL Lighting
25 Ripley Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6S 3P2

October 2018

TPL Lighting Expands Its Project Management
and Operations Division by Hiring Tersia Prins

TORONTO, ON — It is with great pleasure that we welcome Tersia Prins to the TPL family as Operations Manager. Tersia brings along with her seven years of project management and operations excellence, as well as 15 years of budget and accounting experience. She prides herself on bringing customer satisfaction to life no matter the scale of the project.

Tersia has taken over leadership of TPL Lighting’s Project Coordination team, and has already proven herself as a genuine leader and motivator of her group. Tersia’s extensive experience and skills in understanding all moving parts and their correlating relationships and dependencies will be a significant asset to the team as we continue to strive for excellence in all we do.

“I enjoy working with people immensely no matter the personality, as the differences in each bring so much value towards driving diverse solutions that one may not have thought of had they stayed in their own bubble. This assists in understanding needs, strengths, and how to merge capabilities to further develop a ‘well-oiled’ process or team. There is always something to learn, always room for improvement, and I am continuously developing my experience, knowledge, and skills with the same focus I have in developing business solutions.”

This is a new role for TPL Lighting, and one we are extremely excited about. Tersia’s key objectives within TPL will be heavily focused on elevating and bringing more consistency in our approach to project management. As another point of contact for your post-sale support, our intent is to provide you with the best possible service, and as such, we encourage you to reach out to Tersia directly regarding your projects or other order-related matters.

About TPL Lighting:

TPL Lighting is an established, family-owned commercial lighting agency based in the west end of Toronto. We are known throughout the industry for our professional and dynamic approach to the design community. With almost 40 manufacturers represented, our emphasis is on high-end and specification grade luminaires. Many of TPL’s manufacturers have been with us for 25 years, demonstrating TPL’s commitment to mutually rewarding relationships. TPL is dedicated to serving our clientele in a professional and reliable manner, from the initial concept to specification and design support, ensuring that the final installation of our products and systems realize the design intent.